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Upcoming Sponsored Webinar: Best Practices for Streamlining Patient Access Process for Efficient COVID-19 Vaccination Administration


The world has been brought to its knees over the past 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the availability of vaccinations has given us hope to halt the spread. However, a mass vaccination effort brings its own complexities to the patient access professional. How do you schedule, register, collect signatures from, check-in and follow up on a large influx of patients in a short period of time? Can you ensure you’re collecting the cleanest information so your claims process faster? How do you help minimize infectious disease transmission during a mass vaccination effort? How do you remind patients to return for their second vaccination to ensure immunity? Implementing best practices can help overcome staffing shortages, alleviate the workload, improve efficiency, and reduce disease transmission, all while delivering an excellent patient experience?

In this session, we’ll look at the strategies some healthcare providers are using to accelerate the pace of vaccine distribution, mitigate risk of disease transmission, and ensure that patients return for their second dose.

After this session, attendees will be able to:
• Examine the challenges of mass vaccinations that are currently facing providers
• Learn how digital strategies and workflows can mitigate the transmission of infectious disease while accelerating processes and improving patient experience
• Evaluate digital solutions and service providers to enable accelerated vaccination workflows

Earn NAHAM Contact Hours
This NAHAM sponsored webinar provides one(1) NAHAM-approved contact hour and is offered at no cost to both members and non-members.

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