Certifications help employers match job requirements with a candidate’s qualifications. Quite simply, the certifications you hold can be the difference between you and a lesser-qualified candidate.
The fact that you hold a certification also tells employers quite a bit about your personality and your work ethic. It demonstrates that you honor commitment and follow-through, two traits that employers tend respect and appreciate. It shows that you have the determination and skills to complete a challenging program, revealing your highly prized traits of self-discipline and problem solving. What’s more, completing a certification program shows you are “teachable” – that you can acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and easily, enabling you to rapidly get up to speed when new technologies come along.
Studies have shown that certified professionals are more productive in their work. Because of their knowledge and skills, access to special resources, and problem-solving abilities, certified employees are able to implement solutions more quickly and with fewer problems than their non-certified counterparts. And surveys show that certified professionals, in general, are paid more than their non-certified counterparts.
Perhaps the best aspect of certification programs is that they allow you, the individual, to control your own career. Whether your current employer supports you or not, you can develop yourself and take control of what you do by becoming certified in your field.
With all these benefits available to you, why not start your journey towards becoming a Certified Healthcare Access Manager (CHAM) or Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA) today.  We wish you success on your journey towards professional certification in patient access services.
– The Certification Commission of NAHAM